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Jewelry Buyer / Designer

As a jewelry buyer / designer, your role is to look for upcoming trends in the jewelry industry and ensure beautiful designs make it into our collection. If you find yourself spending hours looking at jewelry online, then you could be the perfect fit.


  • Pull inspirational jewelry images from the Internet via Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Google
  • Scout creative work for the jewelry collections of customers
  • Inputs for Trends, mood boards, creative research, prints and patterns as needed.
  • Respect and follow the jewelry development process and integrate the marketing, product development and quality requests into the design process and fulfill demands from stakeholders
  • Market research: constant scouting for what is new in design and fashion fields
  • Understanding other jewelry brands is a must and very important


  • Have a thorough understanding of quality, styling and pricing for jewelry categories.
  • Have a passion for jewelry, great taste and a real feel for trends in style
  • Have a great work ethic, team attitude and a hands on, roll your sleeves up approach
  • Work very well with others and have solid communication skills to be used with vendors, store management, store personnel, etc.

This is currently a part time role with potential to become full time.

Please write 3-5 sentences about why you would be a good fit for this role.

Email your resume and cover letter to

Position is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada